Feb 26, 2015

Trekcast Episode 119: Data’s Due


This week David Ivy and Darren Benjamin follow up on the Star Trek Spin Offs and then discuss The Next Generations most lovable android, Data.
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Feb 17, 2015

Trekcast Episode 118: Star Trek Spin Off


We asked our listeners to come up with Star Trek spin off and you guys didn't disappoint! David Ivy and Darren Benjamin might need to spend a few weeks on this topic.


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Feb 8, 2015

Trekcast Episode 117: It’s alive!


Whoa, Trekcast is back and live. Darren and David geek out as usual and star a whole new era of Trekcast,
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Jan 15, 2015

Trekcast Episode 116: Inner Light… Kind of.


Back for 2015! David Ivy and Vernon Wilmer try to discuss Star Trek The Next Generation: The Inner Light. As always it's hard to stay on topic and we end up discussing Star Wars, Galaxy Quest, 2010, space Balls and The Inner Light.
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Sep 3, 2014

Trekcast Episode 115: The land before time.


This week Darren gets every episode name wrong yet still knows what the dudes are called in Savage Curtain.
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Jul 29, 2014

Trekcast Episode 114: Odo, Nikolai, Wheaton and Pumas!


This week David Ivy and Darren Benjamin take another tour down the nerd worm hole and go completely off topic and just talk about Star Trek. We did find out there might be an episode that Darren hasn't seen and David had lunch with Worfs Brother.
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Jul 8, 2014

Trekcast Episode 113: War is not the answer. Or is it?

Jake sisko

David hangs with Shatner, Darren forgets an episode and the Trekcast team discusses what would make Star Trek appeal to kids and mass market merchandise. Is it "war"?
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Jun 9, 2014

Trekcast Episode 112: The Best of Both Worlds pt.2

Borg Bear

Darren and David complete their in-depth look at one of the most acclaimed episodes on Star Trek :The Next Generation, The Best of Both Worlds. We break it down scene by thrilling scene. again!

We are also joined by Dan Thale: creator of a new Star Trek fan project Star Trek Futures.
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May 28, 2014

Trekcast Episode 111: The Best of Both Worlds pt.1


Darren returns from the Nexus to join David on an in-depth look at one of the most acclaimed episodes on Star Trek :The Next Generation, The Best of Both Worlds. We break it down scene by thrilling scene.

We also get a call in from our old friend Larry Nemecek and Teras Cassidy to discuss their new venture Geek Nation Tours
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May 16, 2014

Trekcast Episode 110: The Music of Star Trek


This week David and Vernon take on the most comprehensive discussion of Star Trek music ever attempted by mortals. The soundtrack to Start Trek is amazing, beautiful and we discover that it's also very diverse. From Alexander Courage to Jerry Goldsmith, we listen to it all and marvel at Star Trek's audio history.
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May 8, 2014

Trekcast Episode 109: Not so special effects

Star Trek 4 Heads


This week Vernon joins David to discuss Visual Effects throughout the years in Star Trek and how Computer Graphics (CG) have influenced story telling. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? I thing we decided that this new overly digital form of film making has hurt overall story telling, but it's really up to you to decide.
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Feb 18, 2014

Trekcast Episode 108: Star Trek: Into Discussion


Man, we are divided on this issue? Do you like Star Trek: Into Darkness? Darren Benjamin likes it and David Ivy doesn't like it and that seems to represent the Star Trek community as a whole.

We also start a new segment we call "what Star Trek got wrong". Where we discuss the predictiobs of the futre that didn't quite happen the way Trek thought they would.
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Jan 29, 2014

Trekcast Episode 107: Who’s weirder, Dax or Odo?


Whoa, did we nerd out this week? No topic planned, no show notes, nothing. Darren Benjamin and David Ivy just turned on the microphones and let the geek fly! From Trills to Changelings, from Grays to little known Star Trek characters. This is why we listen to Trekcast... Just nerds talking Star Trek! ...and if you aren't careful, ya just might learn something. ...but probably not.
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Jan 20, 2014

Trekcast Episode 106: Before Star Trek, there was nothing.

trek_monkThis week we delve into the Star Trek fandom and nerdom. Did Star Trek write the book on this level of fandom and why can we so passionate about Trek? We are pleased to be joined by Star Trek author, actor, editor, archivist, consultant, interviewer, producer and good friend, Larry Nemecek. There aren't many people that know this much about our beloved Star Trek so it's a treat to be able to sit down and pick Larry's unusually keen, Spcok sized brain.

Los Angeles to Las Vegas Trektour: geeknationtours.com


Here are some places to keep up with Larry.
  • Trekland: The news, views and guest vidchat blog of Larry Nemecek www.treklandblog.com
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    Jan 8, 2014

    Trekcast Episode 105: Star Trek Reality show?

    What is the next, next generation of Star Trek going to be? A gig, deep, Game of Thrones style show with violence and thirty characters that is hard to follow, a kids show with a talking prairie dog or a reality show about a bunch of fans making a fan film? Should Star Trek take a break and be pulled for a few years? All of these ideas sound pretty frightening, but as Trek fans we are going to have to take the risk at some point.
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    Dec 5, 2013

    Trekcast Episode 104: What happens to the crew? Pt.2

    Part two in our "what happened to the characters" after the shows. This episode we cover Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise. David steps in Star Trek poop by suggesting that Star Trek might have improved AFTER Gene Roddenberry's involvement... GASP! We also discuss Indians, T-shirts and Amazon drones.
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    Nov 26, 2013

    Trekcast Episode 103: What happens to the crew? Pt.1



    What happens to our heroes after the show stops airing? Does Riker become a baker? Does Spock become a door to door salesmen? We ask the important questions in this weeks episode of Trekcast! Also this week we learn that David saw a Star Trek The Next Generation episode he had NEVER seen before and Darren has a Deep Space Nine episode he has never seen!?
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    Nov 13, 2013

    Trekcast Episode 102: The Klingon Episodes!


    We review all the Klingon episodes! Well at least the ones we remembered.

  • Broken Bow
  • Affliction
  • Divergence
  • TOS:
  • Errand of Mercy
  • The Trouble with Tribbles
  • Day of the Dove
  • TNG:
  • A Matter Of Honor
  • Sins of the Father
  • Redemption Redemption II (Klingon Civil War)
  • Birthright, Part I Part II (Worf with capured Klingons)
  • Firstborn (Alexander from the future)
  • DS9:
  • Blood Oath (Dax kills an albino)
  • The House of Quark
  • The Way of the Warrior
  • The Sword of Kahless
  • Sons of Mogh (Kurn comes to DS9)
  • Apocalypse Rising (The crew thinks Garon is a changeling)
  • Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places (Quark fights for Grilka)
  • Soldiers of the Empire (Martok pusses out, Work Kicks his ass)
  • Once More Unto the Breach (Kors last stand)
  • You Are Cordially Invited
  • VOY:
  • Barge of the Dead
  • Lineage (Torres discovers that she is pregnant)
  • Prophecy (B'Elanna Torres's child is their savior)
  • Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
  • Star Trek V: The Final Frontier
  • Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
  • Star Trek Generations
  • Star Trek Into Darkness

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    Nov 11, 2013

    Trekcast Supplemental Episode 33: How did you become a Trekkie?


    Darren, Jeef and Paul learn about each other and their own bodies in this very special, coming of age episode of Trekcast. I just through up a little writing that sentence. We do in fact learn how our heroes became Trekkies and follow their path to the great nerds you see before you today. We also ask the the important questions like: Have you accepted James T. Kirk as your captain and admiral? 
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    Nov 6, 2013

    Trekcast Episode 101: The Women of Star Trek!

    Sherry Jackson
    Hot or not? Returning guest host Vernon Wilmer and David (Tommy) Ivy rate all the women of Star Trek throughout the years. Don't fear, we also delve deeply into their collective contributions to the show and society... This aint just a beauty contest.

    We used this piece of are by Erik A. Evenson that we brought to our attention on our Facebook page.
    Trerk ladies
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    Sep 30, 2013

    Trekcast Episode 100: A Long Strange Trip!

    Anki-Spock-shirtless5 Years and 100 episodes. We've decided to read some email and answer the big Star Trek questions. What kind of series should come next, should there be one, is there a place for spirituality and mush more. Lets start on the next 100 episodes!

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    Sep 12, 2013

    Trekcast Episode 99: Collecting Star Trek

    most toys

    Why do we feel the desire to collect merchandise from franchises like Star Trek and others that we love so much? Are we hoarders? Do we just need to be around it? We may never know for sure but the Trekcast crew delved into it this week. We also listened to a little Star Trek Jazz from Andrew Allen.
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    Aug 28, 2013

    Trekcast Episode 98: Actors not Aliens:(


    Unfortunately the actors on Star Trek are just that: Actors. As much as we (I) wanted them to be aliens and Starfleet personnel. I discovered all this at the 2013 Star Trek Convention when I went to see the Deep Space Nine panel and discovered a bunch of actors in place of the crew I have come to love. This week we discuss the actors play and wonder if their roll MIGHT be over stated.

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    Aug 20, 2013

    Trekcast Episode 97: Convention 2013: Oops we did it again.


    We apologize in advance for another year of drunken Star Trek convention babble. We just can't help it. We have so much fun, drink way too many Romulan Ales and record ourselves. We might (purely by accident) have had some valuable insight into the 2013 Las Vegas Star Trek convention. If nothing else let this be an inspiration to you your kids out there that alcohol is not your friend.

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    Aug 1, 2013

    Trekcast Episode 96: Is Star Trek Racist?

    half faces


    Oh no we didn't ask that. Truth is that it might be. We look at the way different race are portrayed in Star Trek. You might be surprised at the way some aliens are treated? We also look at the way different races of people play characters on Star Trek. We also get the convention season started by seeing who's going to be at this years Las Vegas Star Trek Convention next week.


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